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Steve was a youth-at-risk 20 years ago. At the age of 15, he got into bad company and started going astray. He joined a secret society and his life became very negative. He started smoking, drinking and even took drugs. When his parents started forcing him to change his ways, he, an away from home. Finally he got himself kicked out of school after his ‘N’levels. He was wasting his time doing nothing except for getting into more trouble.

One day, out of the blue, he got the opportunity to attend a motivation course. He started liking the group and wanted to change his ways. He left the secret society and started hanging out with the course participants who were encouraging him to live his life to the fullest. It took him many years to change every negative habit but eventually, he did it.

During this period of change, he went for his National Service where he learnt a lot about himself. In his last year during National Service, he met Rita who was a discipline freak- just what he needed at that point of time. When he completed his national service, he got an opportunity to work in his father’s security company, Royal Security Management Services Pte Ltd together with his two sisters. Due to the lack of education and experience, he had to start working as a security officer and climb the later from there. He attended multiple courses and upgraded himself.

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